Tinseltown Dreams - The 50's

Tinseltown Dreams - The 50's 1.0

Tinseltown The 50's is a match 3 adventure that takes you back to the 1950s
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Tinseltown The 50's is a match 3 adventure that takes you back to the 1950s, the golden years of cinema. You play the role of a producer, a newbie in the film industry eager to impress Mr. Big, your boss, and particularly the critics, the ones who will ultimately rate your movies. Your job is to produce ten movies of different genres (romance, drama, western, science fiction) and to collect the needed money you have to play a series of match 3 levels. You will play for a weekly budget in a total of ten weeks per movie. You are in charge of hiring the cast and crew, and also getting everything you need to design the movie set.
For the most part, the game consists of the typical match 3 style that most casual gamers know. You need to create matches with identical tiles until the golden blocks disappear from the board. Grouping more than 3 tiles in a go will grant you extra cash and bonuses to add up to your score. As you overcome levels, different types of obstacles will appear to complicate things a bit. Power-ups of several styles are also present along the game, and will show up when you create big tile combos. To get more extra cash, there is a popcorn popper that fills with every match you make. Once full, it will produce a popcorn 'shower' that will give you additional money per every popcorn you manage to click.
After completing a level, and making use of the money earned, you can then pick the actors, screenwriters, directors, costume designers, and crew your budget can afford. Needless to say that if your hire the cream-of-the-crop cast and crew, your movie will rate higher. With the money earned you can also buy props from the shop to design the movie set; then you can place and move the actors and crew around the set and play with the different objects in the scene. Once your movie is ready you choose a name for it and wait for the critics' opinion.
Visuals along the game are really nice; the menus and the different game screens have a style that go really well with the game theme and mood. Match 3 levels have plenty of colors and fancy effects. The same can be said about the sound; every type of movie has its own soundtrack and a set of sound effects that go accordingly.
All in all, Tinseltown The 50's offers a very pleasant match 3 experience that is fun and engaging all along the way.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Pretty fun
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Humorous dialogs
  • Great visuals and sound
  • Lots of power-ups and bonuses
  • Not repetitive at all


  • Some props are not really useful and disproportionate to the movie set
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